Welcome and Celebration!

Matts Welcome-7Sunday 30th April marked a new phase in the life of WBC.  After a process which was about two years long, we were delighted to be able to welcome and induct Matt Hebditch as Pastor of this fellowship.  It's been wonderful to see how God has been leading us as a fellowship and then to see God's hand guiding Matt in some amazing ways to the leading of this church.  Dave Kingswood spoke in the service on Sunday morning about 'The size of our God' and how it's so important that we get the right perspective in any situation we might face, knowing that we have a God who is bigger than that situation!  That's certainly been our experience over the last two years.

So Sunday was a fantastic occasion and the hall was packed with church regulars, friends of Welton from the town and other churches and friends and family of Matt and Liz who all came together to give thanks to God and to celebrate together.  There was a real family feel which continued into the leisurely lunch for almost 250 people, and after eating while the adults talked, the children (and lots of adult children!) enjoyed a huge bouncy castle.  You can listen to lots of the morning celebration here and also watch the video made by the Ignite and Voltage groups which was played during the service.
Matts Welcome-11

It was also great that two of our ex-pastors, Chas Coomes and Mike Howell, were able to celebrate with us at the service, so we grabbed the opportunity to take a picture!!