Mandy Meadows Debut!



The Mandy Meadows House Group run by George and Ruth Hardie now has a presence on the web site!  The group meets on Thursday evenings to do lots of different things together.  Why not take a look at their new page where you can find more details, see a proper photo of George and Ruth (!) and even send them a comment direct from the page if you want to encourage them!  

House Groups, as the name suggests, are small groups of people who gather together, usually in someone’s home, in order to study the Bible, pray and build relationships and reach out to our community.  The idea is not a new one. In fact, this is how the early church originally met and grew.

Our House Groups meet weekly in eight homes around the area, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, including two daytime groups. They are a vital part of the life of the church, building relationships and learning from the Bible in ways that can be difficult in a large and busy Sunday morning service.

If you're not already attending one of the groups why not give it a try.  There's more information here on all the groups.