Audio Recordings and Podcasting

Each week we record the talks at our morning and evening services.  These can either be listened to directly from the site or via listening to our Podcast.  
The talks shown below are the most recent ones but to see the full list go to our Media Page 

26th March - Three Obstacles to Faith (download)
John considers 3 obstacles to faith: the wind of atheism, the rain of affluence and the floods of affliction.
John Hookins, 26/03/2017
26th March - Spiritual Maturity (and Mother's Day) (download)
Jean-Phi considers spiritual maturity (and Mother's Day).
Jean-Philippe Petit, 26/03/2017
19th March - Success and Failure (download)
Paul reminds us that God already knows our failures and in that weakness still has a place and purpose for us to fulfill.
Paul Williams, 19/03/2017
19th March - Our Connection with God (download)
Linda talks about our connection with God and with each other.
Linda Munro, 19/03/2017
12th March - Extravagant Worship (download)
Sally reflects on the various accounts in the Bible where a woman annoints Jesus' feet with ointment from an alabaster jar. An act of extravagant worship and love where the perfume filled the whole house. In the same way the whole of a believer's life is to be an act of worship towards God.
Sally Petit, 12/03/2017