Audio Recordings and Podcasting

Each week we record the talks at our morning and evening services.  These can either be listened to directly from the site or via listening to our Podcast.  
The talks shown below are the most recent ones but to see the full list go to our Media Page 

17th Sept - Changing perspectives, personal journey story (download)
Keith explains how we look at ourselves and questions our perspective compared to God's view.
Keith Dawson, 17/09/2017
17th Sept - A good disciple maker, the character Andrew (download)
David explains that although Andrew was a big hitter he had a low profile but displayed key features of being a disciple.
David Kingswood, 17/09/2017
10th September - Daniel (download)
Jackie takes us on a quick tour of how Daniel came to be exiled in Babylon and the early events in his service to the king of Babylon.
Jackie James, 10/09/2017
10th September - Looking Forward - The Next Ten Years (download)
Matt considers the vision of Welton Baptist Church for the next ten years in terms of three major themes: disciple making, church planting and world reaching.
Matt Hebditch, 10/09/2017
3rd Sept - Evening Worship Service (download)
Evening of Worship, Prayer Ministry, Testimony & Teaching
Matt Hebditch, 03/09/2017