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Welcome to our Year Book On-line  2015

For many years we have produced an annual book containing short reports of all the ministries in this church.  This has always been an encouragement to read and to see how God is working in many ways that most of us wouldn't have realised without the Year Book.  We are experimenting this year by producing the Year Book on the site in a way which hopefully adds to the effectiveness of the paper version and at the same time integrating it into the inofmation which is already on the site.  Previous Year Books can be seen here.

Year Book Index 2015

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Pastor's Piece - Year Book Report 2015
Read Pastor Mike's annual report. More ...
Pastor Mike Howell
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Outreach Year Book Report 
The official formation of “Midsomer Norton Churches Together” is a sign of the closer friendship and desire to serve Christ as one. More ...
Matt Coomes
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Secretary's Year Book report 2015
The reports in the rest of the yearbook will attest to the variety of ministries which the church supports. As always I must thank all our volunteers who support these ministries in a bewildering variety of ways. More ...
Keith Dawson
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Webmaster's Report 2015
Our web site has now been operational for almost 3 years and is providing an excellent resource for our church members and regular attenders, as well as providing a shop window for the casual "passer by". More ...
John Barnard
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All In Services Yearbook Report 2015
All In Services Yearbook Report 2015 More ...
Matt Coomes
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Café 3:16 - Early Shift Year Book Report 
We’ve got a new logo and we made it all by ourselves!! We needed to make some flyers to give out at the “Hit the High Street” 40 Acts event along with our homemade Easter Biscuits so we decided to have an over-haul. More ...
Jo Coomes and Rachel Middleton
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Cheshire Home Visits Year Book Report 2015
Some of the residents who meet with us have little or no opportunity to come out to church and really seem to appreciate our time together; it is, in fact, a special time for everyone I believe. More ...
Gill Skinner
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ImMENse Year Book Report 
The imMENse team grew further this year with the addition of Matt Coomes, plus Jean-Phi on an ad hoc basis bringing us the benefit of his deep wisdom and Gallic flair. More ...
Nick Daukes
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Lighthouse Year Book Report 2015
Lighthouse have had a busy year, with the Sketch Show during Nfest 2014 and the panto 'Mother Dodo' in January 2015, both of which were received very well. More ...
Alison Blackmon
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Playtots Year Book Report 2015
We feel that it is NOT just a place for the little ones to play but an opportunity to get to know the parents and offer support and also share the Gospel. This can only be done if people are there to give their time if only once / twice a term. More ...
Karen Rawles
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Publicity 2015 
Over the past year, efforts have been made to increase publicity and one of the ways we have done this is by building relationships with our local press, in the main the Norton/Radstock Journal and the Somerset Guardian. More ...
Clare Green
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TOWG Yearbook Report 2015
In the busyness of life it is very easy to be 'DOING' lots for God but we lose sight of the importance of simply 'BEING' with Him. More ...
Linda Munro & Clare Green
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Treasures Year Book Report 
We think about Bible stories and what we can learn about God and how he wants us to live. More ...
Gill Skinner
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Visiting Team Year Book Report 2015
A few of our church members are unable to attend services any more because of ill health or disability. Even though we don't see them, don't forget them, pray for them and maybe consider visiting them... More ...
Angela Barnard
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Welcome Team Year Book Report 2015
The Welcome Team continue to provide a special service on a Sunday morning. Having a familiar, friendly face welcome them as they enter 'church' can make all the difference. More ...
Clare Green
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Welton Craft Group
We are looking at running a Sunday afternoon group, every two to three months, where we will look at doing more specific projects and teaching sessions. More ...
Kath Cooper and Claire Bedrock
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Welton Wanderers Year Book Report
Welton Wanderers have had an excellent year this year with generally more people attending regularly. The average age of the group seems to have risen and consequently we don't go quite as far, and we go more slowly. More ...
Angela Barnard
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Worship Team Year Book Report  2015
The goal of the worship groups is to help all members of the congregation find God in this place and, through the medium of music, have an encounter with him. More ...
Chris Bennett

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Delta Year Book Report 2015
Our heart for the group is to GROW, both in confidence of knowledge but also in personal holiness. We want to encourage each other to expect and want more, as we seek Him and His will for our lives. More ...
Jackie James and Clare Green
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Furlong Close Year Book Report 
We continue to meet together, now on a Thursday morning, for fellowship and praise, bearing one another’s burdens, and looking outwards to serving each other in Gods' grace, and serving the local community in several ways, and finding joy in doing so. More ...
Janet Day and Elaine Colton
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Manor Farm Year Book Report 
The high average age of our group has been slightly lowered by ‘young’ new members and thirdly our singing has hit new heights. More ...
John and Mary Addicott
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Paulton Road Year Book Report 
House group this year has been both exciting and at times challenging for all but God has continued to see us through with many blessings. More ...
Ross and Maxine Oakey
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Staddlestones Year Book Report  
One of our running themes this year is “WIGSAD?” We have taken Scott’s challenge on Elders’ Sunday at the beginning of the year to listen to “What Is God Saying and Doing?” More ...
Matt and Jo Coomes
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Verona Year Book Report 2015
This last year has seen some changes for our group, firstly in a change of location following a house move from Paulton to Midsomer Norton and secondly in a change of name from Victoria Terrace to Verona House Group (if only the move was to Verona!!) More ...
Sally Petit
Year Book ENERGY 712x32
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Dynamos (Sunday) Year Book Report 
We have been enjoying The Story, especially the video clips at church first, before we go out to our groups. More ...
Jose Ross
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Dynamos (Wednesday) Year Book Report 
Last term we looked at the Fruit of the Spirit, and some of the sessions leant themselves well to the leaders demonstrating 'patience'!! And also 'joy' as we do have lots of fun together! (Who invented 'Budge up Beaver?!!!) More ...
Alison Blackmon
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Energy Ministries Year Book Report 
It’s been great to get a chance to see first-hand the passion and dedication of the many leaders and helpers within the Energy groups and I feel privileged to be able to minister alongside them. More ...
Chris Gilson
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Ignite Year Book Report 
We have also been spending 10 minutes towards the end of each session looking at “Hot Potato Topics” and how as Christians we should not be afraid to discuss and explore what the Bible has to say about these sometimes controversial issues. More ...
Scott Williamson
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Sunbeams Year Book Report 2015
We enjoy the company of between four and nine under 3s each week, for playtime, bible stories, songs and craft activities. It's great to encourage these amazing little people to grow in confidence and develop their own personalities. More ...
Judith Parr
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Supercharger's (Sunday) Year Book Report 
We have thoroughly enjoyed going through the Bible using the ‘Story’ material this year. The children have learnt a lot but above all, we hope they have grown closer to Jesus. More ...
Kevin and Angela Smith
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Supercharger's (Wednesday) Year Book Report 
Themes we have covered over the last year include “All Creatures Great and Small” looking at different animals in the bible, “Transformers” which was about characters who had experienced God and Jesus who has transformed their lives.... More ...
Matt and Jo Coomes
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Voltage (Sunday) Year Book Report 
Our discussion times are full of deep conversations, with some exciting light bulb moments, alongside the more hilarious wacky comments. More ...
Sharon and Gavin Williams
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Voltage (Wednesday) Year Book Report 
We like to get involved in many of the events that the wider church are doing and a group of us had an amazing morning in the High Street before Easter where we took part in the acts of generosity. The young people gave away chocolate and sweets.... More ...
Sharon and Gavin Williams
  Year Book Missions 712x32
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Mission Year Book report 
The Mission Group has grown this year with the addition of David and Anona, following their return to the UK. We have already benefited from their wisdom and experience as we seek to discern God’s will for the best use of the Mission Fund. More ...
The Mission Group
Sally Petit, 14/05/2015
Hello and welcome to Welton Baptist Church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

Welcome. We're glad you're here

Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life - we hope our website helps you to find out everything you want to know about our Church.

welcome 1

For those who are exploring the possibility of coming to Welton, we’d recommend a ‘Welcome Meal’ - these take place every few months for those wanting to find out a bit more about the church, it’s vision and where you might fit. All over a great meal. Click here and we’ll email with the next Welcome Meal date. For now, here’s a few answers to some common questions people ask…

When & where does the church meet?
Somervale School every Sunday morning at 10:30am and every Sunday evening at 6.00pm at our Chapel in Welton. Click here for a map.

What should I expect when I visit?
A warm welcome! Church for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some are already Christians, others exploring and growing their faith. Lively worship, great Bible teaching and groups for all ages. Services last for about an hour and a half, and always end with coffee!

What happens to the kids at church?
We have a fantastic range of groups for children and teenagers called Energy Groups. On Sundays, children and youth stay with their parents or carers for the first half an hour, then head to their own groups for an hour. There are mid-week groups too.

welcome kids (1)

Is there a dress code?
No! Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes.

Is it all about Sundays?
Not at all! We have many mid-week house groups, children’s clubs and youth groups running. Check out the House Groups page and Children and Youth pages.

More Questions?
Keep clicking! Or give us a call on 01761 410274 or email with any questions you have and we will be happy to help you.