Hillside View Housegroup             

pancake race                          

  •  Who are the leaders

    Keith and Rachel Dawson
  • Where and when do you meet?

    Tuesdays in term time generally from 8pm

  • Who is the group for?

Anyone with an interest in meeting together to ‘Learn to live life together, God’s way, supporting  each other in prayer as we do’
  • What are the main aims of your group?

The above!
  • What things have you recently done as a group?

Pancake race in the street after Housegroup lunch
  • What things are you planning to do in the near future?

Go away with another housegroup to camp (although not all actually camp) where we all go a bit free range, relaxing together with an opportunity to learn some canoeing skills on the lake or have fun in the pedalos.


  • What one word could describe your group?


  • Describe what usually happens during a normal session/meeting?

Lately we choose a book of the Bible, read a chapter each week before the session, and discuss and pray on Tuesday night. People share their thoughts, research background reading and once even a relevant pop song was mentioned (‘Writing on the Wall’: name the artist of the 1969 single and the book of the Bible inspiring its title?)