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10th September - Looking Forward - The Next Ten Years
Matt Hebditch
Matt considers the vision of Welton Baptist Church for the next ten years in terms of three major themes: disciple making, church planting and world reaching.
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MP3 Audio (15.2MB)
  • Downloads: 70
  • Recorded: 10/09/2017
  • Length: 43 minutes
3rd Sept - Evening Worship Service
Matt Hebditch
Evening of Worship, Prayer Ministry, Testimony & Teaching
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MP3 Audio (22Kbps, 8.3MB)
  • Downloads: 43
  • Recorded: 03/09/2017
  • Length: 25 minutes
3rd Sept - Baptism Service
Matt Hebditch
Chris & Lisa's Baptism. Matt asks us, Are you doing what God has made you for?
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MP3 Audio (22Kbps, 16.8MB)
  • Downloads: 42
  • Recorded: 03/09/2017
  • Length: 46 minutes
  • Reference: Psalm 100
27th August - Thankfulness
Matt Hebditch
Matt considers the occasion where Jesus healed 10 lepers but only one came back to thank him.
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MP3 Audio (9.4MB)
  • Downloads: 44
  • Recorded: 27/08/2017
  • Length: 26 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 17:11-19
9th July - Listening to God Part 1 - Listening to God through Prophecy
Matt Hebditch
Matt starts the new "Listening to God" series by examing how we should listen to God when he speaks to us using prophecy.
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MP3 Audio (14.0MB)
  • Downloads: 80
  • Recorded: 09/07/2017
  • Length: 39 minutes
25th June - Why We Worship - David and the Ark
Matt Hebditch
Following a reading by Linda, Matt considers the occasion when King David brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. An occasion when David worshiped God with abandon with no thought of the opinions of others but only a desire to please God. The Video .mp4 file includes the slides shown.
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MP3 Audio (14.1MB)
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MP4 Video (41.8MB)
  • Downloads: 141
  • Recorded: 25/06/2017
  • Length: 41 minutes
  • References: 2 Samuel 6:12-22
    John 4:23
18th June - Civic Service - Find a Diamond
Matt Hebditch
Matt gives us all a challenge to find a diamond.
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MP3 Audio (22Kbps, 14.5MB)
  • Downloads: 85
  • Recorded: 18/06/2017
  • Length: 42 minutes
  • Reference: Psalm 139
14th May - The God of our History
Matt Hebditch
As an "interactive sermon" Matt considers that God is not only the master of our present and future but also of our past, our history. He can use our past for good whatever it was like at the time.
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MP3 Audio (12.5MB)
  • Downloads: 93
  • Recorded: 14/05/2017
  • Length: 36 minutes
  • References: Deuteronomy 4:9
    Deuteronomy 32:7
14th May - The Disciple Jesus Loved
Matt Hebditch
Matt looks at several events when the disciple John, the disciple that Jesus loved, was involved and Jesus' relationship with John. He extends this to God's relationship with believers.
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MP3 Audio (12.0MB)
  • Downloads: 94
  • Recorded: 14/05/2017
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • References: John 19:26-27
    John 13:21-27
    John 20:1-7
    John 21