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Dynamos (Wednesday) year Book Report 

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This last year at Dynamos has seen our numbers grow to 14 children on the books with an attendance of around 10-12 each week.  The mix is roughly two thirds children from the church, and one third from outside.  It has been good over the last couple of terms to get to know some of the parents a bit more, as they often arrive early with their children, or to pick them up, and are happy to chat for a while.  We have had a couple of joint socials (Christmas crafts and bowling) with Superchargers and have invited the parents, and again this has been a good time to get to know them.  We are planning another joint social at the end of the summer when, weather permitting, we hope to play rounders at Staddlestones park.  The children are a very lively bunch who enjoy energetic games and are always ready to give input in discussions.  Last term we looked at the Fruit of the Spirit, and some of the sessions leant themselves well to the leaders demonstrating 'patience'!!  And also 'joy' as we do have lots of fun together!  (Who invented 'Budge up Beaver?!!!) This coming term is entitled 'Look who's talking...' and we will be learning how to listen to God, and about the different ways he speaks to us. Please pray with us that we will all, leaders and children alike, hear something new from God as we learn together.  Thanks once again to my dedicated team, Ronnie Coomes, Josh Waterson and Jason Waterson.  

Alison Blackmon
Alison Blackmon, 05/05/2015
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