Community Outreach

A glance around the website provides a brief overview of the many events, services, midweek groups and everyday friendships which galvanise our relationships with organisations and individuals in the locality.  We have many opportunities to serve as a church in our community and we are blessed with a large number of volunteers all willing to offer their time and gifts.  As individuals, who together make up the church, we look to take the love of Jesus Christ into every relationship and situation which we are involved in.  

We believe that Jesus Christ is alive and relevant to all people.  It's our desire to share the good news of the Gospel with all those that we meet and work with through all aspects of everyday life.  None of us pretend to be perfect and we often get things wrong. Our experiences of Jesus as individuals and as a church convinces us that people deserve to hear and understand that Jesus Christ died to offer each one of us the opportunity of a relationship with Him, and  the gift of eternal life.

Matt Coomes, 13/09/2016