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Chris and Liz White
Latest News from Chris, Liz and the family building community in Spain. More ...
around the world 2018 45x45
N'Fest 2018
'Around the World' - Bookings Now Open More ...
Dave and Anona
News update from Dave's April visit to Kasese. More ...
James and Sandra Chinnery
Latest news from James and Sandra and family in Nepal - May 2018 More ...
Colin and Audrey GibsonĀ 
Latest news from Colin and Audrey, working with CMS in Lebanon More ...
Capella Recording
We have a CD ... Oh yes we have
Capella records their first ever CD - Wow .... More ...
Katherine Mining
Steve Loader
Steve is a full time Counties Evangelist based at Bristol's Portbury docks. Here is the latest news. More ...
Graham and Debbie Frith
Latest news from Graham and Debbie Frith, serving the Lord with Latin Link, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. More ...
Opportunities to serve 45x45
There are always opportunities to serve at WBC - take a look!! More ...
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