Audio Recordings and Podcasting

Each week we record the talks at our morning and evening services.  These can either be listened to directly from the site or via listening to our Podcast.  
The talks shown below are the most recent ones but to see the full list go to our Media Page 

17th June - Mission Focus (download)
Colin & Audrey Tell us about their work in Lebanon
Colin & Audrey Gibson, 17/06/2018
17th June - Perfect Love (download)
Rob explains what can cause Fear, Rejection and Judgement, and that God's Perfect Love casts them out.
Rob Additcott, 17/06/2018
10th June - What's in a Name (download)
This is a abridged version of the Sunday morning service where Michael starts the service, Rachel does an introduction to the subject, Philip conducts communion and Jackie brings the message on the members of the family line from Adam to Noah in the Bible book of Genesis.
Jackie James and others, 10/06/2018
3rd June - Baptism Prayers (download)
This is a recording of the prayers after the baptism of Jemima, Timothy and Nyah. There is a lot of noise from the water falling down the nearby weir so it is often difficult to hear.
Various, 03/06/2018
3rd June - All-in Service (download)
This is an abridged version of the service with contributions from Dave, Sarah, Paul, Teresa, Helen, Phillip, Nyah and others.
Various, 03/06/2018