Voltage SundaysVoltage 100dpi

A group for young people in School Year 7 to 14 years olds. 

Our Sunday meetings focus more on teaching and learning to apply the Bible to our everyday lives. We aim to help our young people develop an independent and real faith in Jesus.
All are given the opportunity to ‘practise’:

  • Praying                  
  • Laying on hands
  • Express what they feel God is saying
  • Bible study
  • Personal prayer
  • Question what they are taught
  • Witness to others   

We also help our young people to learn skills in Pratical, Spiritual, Social, Economic, Sexual and Personal areas of their lives.   
We share any encouragements from the previous week and all participate in interactive Bible Study.  We welcome any new members and look forward to meeting you.

Voltage Wednesdays

Voltage also meets on Wednesdays in The Sarah Anne Room, Midsomer Norton Town Hall from 7pm to 9pm, school term time only.

It's a social, weekly meeting where the relationships of the young people, from the Sunday Voltage group, can be developed in a more relaxed and less structured atmosphere.  Through creating a fun, lively and informal setting we seek to:
  • Provide a time to share and pray for each other.
  • An opportunity for the young people to invite their friends that may be on the fringe of church to receive an introduction to Christianity.
  • Have authentic relationships with one another and God.
  • Demonstrate God’s love to each other, and beyond.
Recent activities we have done include:Big Bath Sleep Out in aid of Julian House,24-7 Prayer,Themed Bible evening,Film Night,Bowling,
Weight lifting with Champion Lift Ministries,Live music events - Big Church Night in,Youth Weekend Away to Chepstow Food involved - LOTS!!! 
Forth coming events include:
  • A First Aid training evening
  • Ice Cream & Fondue Parlour
  • Biblical Re-enactments & Raps
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Swimming
  • Wide Screen and Onesies
  • Homeless! – A visit from one of Julian House Co-ordinators
  • Soul Survivor

Each evening we end with ‘Best thing Worst thing’  (Share the good/bad things of the previous week) and spend some time praying for one another.)

We welcome any new members and look forward to meeting you.