Audio Recordings and Podcasting

Each week we record the talks at our morning and evening services.  These can either be listened to directly from the site or via listening to our Podcast.  
The talks shown below are the most recent ones but to see the full list go to our Media Page 

17th Feb 2019: Being Yourself (download)
Being Yourself , lessons from Timothy
Jeremy Bedrock, 17/02/2019
17th Feb 2019: Healing (download)
Jenni brings the message of Healing to us
Jenni Ring, 17/02/2019
10th February - Peace (download)
Tim looks at the peace that God gives when we trust in him and have confidence in him.
Tim Martin, 10/02/2019
10th February - Red Letter Testament Week 1 (download)
Dave starts a new short series on the words of Jesus in the Book of Mark in the Bible. (In some Bibles the words of Jesus are printed in Red.) Dave looks at the authority of Jesus' words in the way he commanded nature and it obeyed him, the way he broke the mould of society of his day and addresses the problems we experience today.
Dave Kingswood, 10/02/2019
27th January - How Loud can You Shout? (download)
Sharon, from the Midsomer Norton Salvation Army, brings us the account of blind Bartimaeus calling out to Jesus to be healed. He was shouting so loud that Jesus heard him above the noise of the crowd, had him brought to him and healed him. The question for us is "How loud are we prepared to shout for Jesus to hear us and help us?"
Sharon Bond, 27/01/2019